We are INSPIRED_to do more

What inspires our donors, inspires our students, inspires our researchers and inspires our staff.

Here are just some of the people who have contributed to or benefited from INSPIRED – the campaign to support the University of Sydney. These people are linked by a common desire to make lives better.

What are you INSPIRED_to do?




2.Jennie-Mackenzie-and-Melkam-Kebede2Waging war on diabetes

A scientist researching the genetics of type 2 diabetes and a published author and children’s advocate are linked by a common goal – supporting inspirational research.

Author and educator Jennie Mackenzie has enjoyed a long and distinguished career working with children and families. Dr Melkam Kebede is researching the relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, thanks to Jennie’s philanthropic support. Find out more.


1.Katherine Howard and Peter WilliamsonInspired to save our animal companions

Man’s best friend is getting a better chance at a longer life, thanks to Katherine Howard (Mtax ’01), her husband David Simmons and University of Sydney researchers.

Katherine and David’s generous gift has enabled Associate Professor Peter Williamson (PhD (Vet Science) ’93) and his team to investigate the cause and treatment of canine lymphoma in the bullmastiff breed. Find out more.


3.-Dick-Smith-and-Alex-GibsonOvercoming adversity through education

There may be generations between them, but retired civil engineer Richard Smith (BE (Civil) ’61) and University of Sydney student Alex Gibson both understand the value of education in overcoming financial adversity.

Richard had a long career in the housing and commercial construction industries, but he came from modest beginnings – his own family struggled financially. Find out more.


4.Barry-Lambert-and-Iain-McGregor2Unlocking the medicinal potential of cannabis

On the surface it appears that Professor Iain McGregor (PhD (Psych) ’92), an international leader in cannabinoid research, and Mr Barry Lambert, founder of Count Financial, don’t have much in common.

However, an extraordinary gift from Barry and his wife, Joy Lambert, has united the two men for a very important purpose – researching the medical applications of cannabis for chronic illnesses. Find out more.