Supporting Indigenous pathways to university

“I believe that education is the answer to breaking the cycle of financial disadvantage,” says Douglas Jamieson, donor and University of Sydney pharmacy alumnus.

Helping Aboriginal students in financial need and who are from rural, regional or remote areas is the motivation behind Mr Jamieson’s $143,000 gift to establish the Douglas Jamieson Aboriginal Scholarship.

“High costs associated with living and tuition fees can often deter students from pursuing higher education. My hopes are that this scholarship makes a real difference to a young Aboriginal student, giving them an opportunity to pursue an education in maths, science or engineering, and ultimately a career and life that may never have otherwise been possible.”

The promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, engagement, education and research one of the University’s core objectives and, under the leadership of Professor Shane Houston Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services), there is an increasing number  of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wishing to pursue tertiary studies.

“Too few Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people look at universities and say ‘I belong there, I can make a contribution to my people by being part of a community that is educated, informed and able to participate in the work that we have to do to build an Australian community where our mob are able to be who we are, do the things that our culture determines that we do and do it with pride and respect’.

“Donors like Douglas Jamieson are critically important to the continued increase of Aboriginal student participation,” says Professor Houston.

The Douglas Jamieson Aboriginal Scholarship aims to attract talented Aboriginal  students, offering them direct financial assistance and exciting educational opportunities to work with some of the leading academics in Australia. The first scholarship will be awarded in 2016.

Providing Indigenous pathways to higher education and research is one of the five priority areas supported by the University’s INSPIRED fundraising campaign.

To commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the Freedom Ride, and ensure that Aboriginal people from around NSW can access a world class education, the University of Sydney has established the NSW Freedom Ride Scholarships Fund.

Funds such as this help ensure that Aboriginal people can become the future leaders in our society by receiving every opportunity to succeed at university.