Scholarship helps realise student’s dream of studying at University

Shai Thompson has long aspired to attend the University of Sydney and now, with the help of a generous scholarship funded by BlueScope, she is about to realise her educational dream.

Shai was recently named as the inaugural recipient of the BlueScope Indigenous Scholarship in Business at the University of Sydney Business School’s Scholarship Ceremony.

Growing up in Western Sydney, Shai is the youngest of six children. She is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the Business School, majoring in Human Resource Management.

After working up to 25 hours a week over two part-time jobs last year to support herself, Shai is grateful for the Scholarship, and believes it will help her focus on her studies. “I am honoured to have received the award,” said Shai. “I chose to study at the University of Sydney Business School because of its great reputation, and because it’s always been a dream of mine to go to the University of Sydney. I did everything I could to make that happen and now I am here.”

The Scholarship, valued at $75,000, was established this year through a donation by BlueScope to support an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student studying undergraduate business. To qualify for the scholarship, candidates were asked to demonstrate, in addition to academic ability, leadership potential, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

As recipient of the Scholarship, Shai will receive $25,000 per annum over the course of her three year degree, and will also have the opportunity to work with BlueScope during her University holidays.

“At BlueScope, we recognise that diversity of thought, through inclusion of different backgrounds whether they be gender, cultural, educational or experiences, improves business decisions and outcomes”, said Jason Ellis, General Manager Sales, Marketing, Innovation & Trading, BlueScope Australia and New Zealand.

“We believe that everyone should have equal access to education opportunities,” he continued. “The scholarship was designed to develop talented, aspiring leaders, and we were very pleased to partner with the University of Sydney Business School.

“We were very impressed by the quality of applicants, and we congratulate Shai on the award.”

Associate Professor Rae Cooper, Associate Dean (Undergraduate), at the Business School, also congratulated Shai at the Ceremony, and said the Scholarship is “essential to the Business School’s mission to offer students, whatever their background, unparalleled opportunities to help them their reach their potential as leaders of the next generation.”

“The University of Sydney Business School has given me endless opportunities, all of which has helped to enrich my studies,” said Shai.

“Gaining experience with BlueScope will also give me the exposure to the business world that I am keen to experience. I can’t thank the University enough for their support as well as BlueScope for their great generosity and the opportunity I have received.”