James Millner PhD pharmacy scholarship inspires academic excellence

PhD Pharmacy Scholarship named in honour of alumnus James Millner

Faculty of Pharmacy alumnus, James Millner AM

Many of us would like to leave a legacy and for it to somehow have a lasting, positive impact on peoples’ lives. One of our alumni was inspired to do just that.

One of the University of Sydney alumni, an anonymous donor, has established a new scholarship, in perpetuity, for PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy. In recognition of this transformational gift, the Dean, Professor Iqbal Ramzan, was delighted to name this new scholarship in honour of another pharmacy alumnus, James Millner AM.

James Millner was a highly successful executive, serving as president and chair of many large Australian organisations including NMRA, NBN Television, and the investment company Washington H. Soul Pattinsons – which he chaired for around 30 years. Also a generous philanthropist, he supported the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney and the Australian War Memorial.

This anonymous gift has provided funds for the James Millner PhD Scholarship in Pharmacy to be awarded to one promising PhD scholar every three (or three-and-a-half) years. The recipient, who will be selected for their academic excellence, will have committed to pursuing a PhD degree by Research in the area of Pharmacy (Medicines Use and Health Outcomes).

The fact that this is an endowed scholarship, established in perpetuity, means it will give many generations of talented scholars the opportunity to undertake further studies and research, no matter what their background or financial situation. It will also ensure the name and distinguished legacy of James Millner lives on.

“The pivotal role of scholarships is to enable students to attend University where they might otherwise not be able to do so,” says Professor Iqbal Ramzan. “Scholarships enable students the freedom to discover and dedicate their efforts to pursuing excellence in learning and research.”

Professor Ramzan goes on to explain why the extra funding provided by unencumbered gifts is so valuable. “Because existing University funds are primarily pre-allocated, it’s the extra funds that provide greater academic freedom to students and staff – enabling them to pursue blue sky research and take larger risks, which invariably lead to higher rewards.”

The Faculty of Pharmacy credits many of its research successes and student achievements over the years to the assistance of scholarships funded by donors. “Such gifts truly embody our heritage of academic excellence, opportunity and community,” Professor Ramzan says. “I would like to thank all of our fantastic alumni who have contributed in this way. It is what keeps Sydney so high on the global scale of research and academic leadership.”