Telephone program

Telephone_program (1)The Sydney Development Fund helps our faculties, foundations and cause-related units make regular appeals to alumni and friends by direct mail, phone and email.

The University of Sydney runs an annual telephone program where students reach out to start a conversation with alumni and friends. Their aim is to highlight areas in need of support, reengage alumni in the life of the University, and grow our connection with the donor community.

The telephone program has proven very successful in stimulating philanthropy towards our most urgent priorities. It is also a beneficial experience for the student callers, who are able to give something back to their university while getting to know their alumni community. They are able to share their own stories, and hear alumni reminisce about their time at the University.

By giving to the University, donors can invest in our innovative work, and make a real difference to students as they learn and grow into their potential as future leaders.

For more information about our telephone program or to volunteer your time as a caller, please contact the Sydney Development Fund.

To apply to be a student or graduand caller, view the current job advertisement, and contact the Program Manager.