INSPIRED stories

Pave the Way: leading the charge in Australia

A new fundraising trend is emerging, and the University of Sydney blazed the trail. On 16 September 2014 we held our inaugural 24-hour fundraising and awareness challenge, Pave the Way. We were the first Australian university to run a challenge of this kind.

Creating the project leaders of the future

Over the past year a cohort of project professionals from infrastructure, oil & gas, telecommunications, construction and banking & finance industries have joined a year of studies to enhance their leadership capabilities.

The Balnaves Foundation helps kick start medical research

Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney and philanthropic organisation, The Balnaves Foundation, are giving next-generation medical leaders a ‘kick start’ through a new program aimed at boosting the competitive grant funding success of early career researchers.

Ancient Greek, modern scholars

While Ancient Greek may “never be as popular as Psychology 101”, Professor Bill Ritchie’s generous bequest will advance the study of languages, literature, philosophy and civilisation.

Built to last

From studying architecture at the University to preserving important Sydney sites, Graham Brooks is creating a travelling scholarship for heritage conservation through his will.

In the name of science

A bequest left to the University for scientific research in 1940 is still supporting vital scholarship by local and international postgraduates in biology and physics.