INSPIRED stories

Michelle Lim dazzles guests at launch

Michelle Lim, E12 recipient, Bachelor of Science student and accomplished ballerina, dazzled more than 350 guests at the launch of our first major fundraising campaign.

Tom Austen Brown bequest

Tom Austen Brown was an avid amateur archaeologist, and his remarkable legacy lives on through his substantial bequest towards the study of prehistory.

Sydney Burns Foundation

Donations are helping our researchers revolutionise the treatment of burn injuries by developing a laboratory-cultured, three-dimensional skin for burn victims.

Australian Centre for Field Robotics

Our staff are developing robots that will help Australia’s agricultural industry increase efficiency, produce higher yields and ultimately enable automated harvesting.

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

A generous donation from businessman Greg Poche is helping to improve Indigenous health and provide real-world training for University of Sydney students.

Agave biofuel project

Agave, a plant best known for making tequila has the potential to be a greenhouse-gas friendly solution to the fuel crisis, according to Dr Daniel Tan.

Scholarships for students

University scholarships funded by your donations can make all the difference for our students. A scholarship helped Kat de Jong resume her studies after a serious illness.

Australian Stuttering Research Centre

Stuttering can cause frustration and anxiety, and interfere with a person’s ability to engage with others. Donations have helped us to develop treatments for stuttering.

Engineering a sustainable future

Michael Boyle and Robin Craig hope their donation to support sustainable power generation and water supply will inspire others to donate and change the world.