INSPIRED stories

Textbooks on tap

Quintin Rares from the University of Sydney Business School has developed the world’s first interactive digital textbook app covering an entire university subject.

Helping Sydney’s homeless

More than 350 volunteers came together to help the Sydney Nursing School make a difference in the lives of Sydney’s homeless.

From Sydney to Oxford to Myanmar

Andrew McLeod’s selection for the 2012 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship provided him with a year of deep reflection about some of the most complex issues posed by the law.

Strengthening councils’ DA processes

In recent years, Australia’s local councils have been increasing their use of panels to strengthen development application (DA) processes. The implications of this trend are being researched by Yolande Stone as part of her Planner-in-Residency (PIR) appointment with the Henry Halloran Trust.

Helping people smile

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health has launched a new program that trains local people to become dental assistants in their own community.