INSPIRED stories

Celebrating the Founders’ Circle

The University of Sydney welcomes new inductees into the Founders’ Circle – a growing society of people who have an indelible effect on who we are today.

Horse breeder helps students find their rhythm

The late John Cassim, a University of Sydney graduate, was destined for a lifelong career in music pedagogy. Find out how his gift to the University continues to support promising students.

For the little ones

As we celebrate NAIDOC Week, we highlight the groundbreaking work by the University’s Poche Centre for Indigenous Health in the remote Western Australias towns of the Fitzroy Valley.

A gift from the heart

The University was the first academic institution in Australia to recognise the importance of Asia and continues to lead dialogue across a range of disciplines – art is yet another. In memory of her late father, Francis Stuart, Sabrina Snow endowed the Francis Stuart Prize in Asian Art to acknowledge outstanding work in Asian art at the University – a fitting tribute with a lasting impact.