INSPIRED stories

Waging war on diabetes

A scientist researching the genetics of type 2 diabetes and a published author and children’s advocate are linked by a common goal – supporting inspirational research.

Inspired to save our animal companions

Man’s best friend is getting a better chance at a longer life, thanks to Katherine Howard, her husband David Simmons and University of Sydney researchers.

Overcoming adversity through education

There may be generations between them, but retired civil engineer Richard Smith and University of Sydney student Alex Gibson both understand the value of education in overcoming financial adversity.

Unlocking the medicinal potential of cannabis

On the surface it appears that Professor Iain McGregor and Mr Barry Lambert don’t have much in common, however, an extraordinary gift from Barry and his wife, Joy, has united the two men for a very important purpose.

For the love of cats

A bequest of more than $2 million will help attract the world’s best feline researchers to work with the Faculty of Veterinary Science’s team of feline clinicians and researchers.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust – a century of support

The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust has provided ongoing support to the University of Sydney in an almost unbroken chain for over 100 years, providing funds for scholarships, fellowships, library funding and donations for the purchase of specialist equipment to almost every conceivable faculty and University cause.

From adversity to a legacy

With a family tree full of doctors and a strong belief in education, it is little wonder that when Lisolette Brasch thought about leaving a legacy, she chose to leave a bequest that would support students at Sydney Medical School.