Advancing research into liveable cities

A generous gift of $5 million has enabled the University of Sydney to establish a new trust to advance research into liveable cities and sustainable development.

Henry's legacy2Through the generous gift of Warren Halloran, the University has established the trust in honour of Henry Halloran, who was an active advocate for town planning in the first half of the 20th century. He introduced and implemented new concepts of town planning in the many settlements he established as part of his contribution to nation building. He was responsible for opening up major subdivisions in places such as Seaforth, Cronulla, Warriewood, Stanwell Pak and Avoca, and for innovative proposals for such areas as Jervis Bay and Port Stephens.

His son, Warren Halloran, who has actively continued his father’s pioneering works, made the generous donation to the University “in memory of my father and his vision”.

The Henry Halloran Trust brings together scholars, students and practitioners from around the world for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects to address the most important challenges facing land management and urban development in Australia and overseas. These are global challenges.

Henry Halloran was a man who dealt in land and dreams. Some of those dreams are about to come to fruition because of the generosity of his son.

Urban planning and the Halloran name have been synonymous in Australia for over a hundred years. Now, thanks to Warren’s foresight and transformative gift, future generations will know the name and reap the benefits for many years to come.