A former Chancellor’s legacy

Sir Hermann and Lady Black

Sir Hermann and Lady Black. Image from the University of Sydney Archives (G77_1_2099)

On Thursday 6 November, Professor John Romalis from the University of Sydney’s School of Economics will explore the resilience of international trade in the recent global recession compared with the Great Depression as part of the Insights 2014: Lecture Series.

Professor Romalis is the first professor to hold the Sir Hermann Black Professor in Economics title -a position made possible thanks to the generosity of former Chancellor, the late Sir Hermann Black and his wife, the late Lady (Joyce) Black.

A loyal supporter of the University, it was Sir Hermann’s wish that if he outlived his wife, their estate would go to the University. Although Lady Black outlived her husband by 19 years, her will reflected his wishes and she left their estate including the home and its contents to the University in memory of her late husband.

Like Sir Hermann, Professor Romalis has a global presence, acknowledged as a world leader in international economics and trade. His research includes theoretical and empirical studies of the determinants of international trade flows including the quality of traded goods, the effects of preferential trade agreements, and the causes of the international trade collapse during the global financial crisis.

His talk at the Insights lecture series will explore this topic in more detail.

Sir Hermann and Lady Black

Sir Hermann was Chancellor of the University of Sydney from 1970 until he died in 1990, but his impact on the University Senate began well before in 1949 when he was first elected a Fellow.

He began his working life as a teacher before joining the University of Sydney as an assistant lecturer in economics in 1933. A gifted speaker, Sir Hermann was well known for his role as commentator for the Australian Broadcasting Commission from the 1930s and member of discussion panels such as The Monday Conference.

Together, Sir Hermann and Lady Black were an extraordinary couple who worked at the University for more than 30 years leaving a legacy of hard work, well established programs – including the Chancellor’s Committee and the Book Fair – and a clear vision for the future.

“The World Trade System and Global Recessions” with Professor John Romalis will take place on Thursday 6 November 2014.To book visit sydney.edu.au/alumni/insights2014.